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5 Most Delicious Types of Crab, Have You Ever Tried?

5 Most Delicious Types of Crab, Have You Ever Tried?

In this world, there are more than 4500 species of crabs. Some live in oceans, rivers, fresh water bays, to mangrove forests. Most of the crabs are edible and taste great.

Of the thousands of species of crab, which one tastes the most delicious? Here are recommendations that you can try!

1. Dungeness Crab

Quoted from https://www.sensescambridge.com/ Dungeness Crab (Metacarcinus magister) is found mostly on the west coast of North America. It ranges from Alaska to Baja California Sur, Mexico, citing Cameron’s Seafood.

It takes its name from the Dungeness land claim in Washington State. Weighing between 680 grams to 1.4 kg with a length of 16.5-25 cm.

The flesh is tender but slightly less sweet than the Maryland blue crab. This crab is usually served as crab rolls, cooked with garlic butter, made into a seafood platter, combined with pasta, and many more.

2. Florida rock crab

This animal whose scientific name is Menippe mercenaria inhabits the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. Uniquely, this crab can release its claws easily so it can quickly get away from predators.

Launching from Cameron’s Seafood, these claws can grow back quickly. Most fishermen just pull out their claws and then release these crabs into the sea. This simultaneously supports the sustainability of the species.

How’s the taste of the meat? The meat in the claws is very tasty and at a glance reminds us of lobster meat. No wonder the price of this crab to be expensive.

3. Soft shell crab

Soft shell crabs in Indonesia are known as soft shell crabs. This term refers to crabs that have just released their old shells and are still soft.

Because the shell is soft, this crab is generally processed by frying it in flour. It may sound strange, but in America this crab is often used as a filling for burgers whole!

Another country, another story. In Japan, soft shell crabs are fried in flour and then used as a filling for maki sushi or temaki sushi. There are also those who make it as a companion to pasta.

4. Maryland blue crab

Thanks to its striking color, this crab is easily recognized. These crabs live along the east coast of the United States to Argentina. As a result of climate change, recently they have been found in northern Maine, a US state.

Curious, what does it taste like? Launching from Cameron’s Seafood, the taste is very sweet and the meat is suitable for making crab cakes.

Adult Maryland blue crabs can grow up to 9 inches (22.8 cm) long. In general, they reach maturity within 12-18 months, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources explains on its official website.

5. Snow crab

The last one is the snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio). As the name implies, this crab lives in cold places such as the North Atlantic and North Pacific Ocean. In addition, it is also found in Greenland and Newfoundland, Canada.

FYI, Canada is the main producer of snow crabs on a global scale. In Canada, this crab is referred to as the queen crab (queen crab).

The body shell tends to be hard. Thus, what is consumed is five pairs of legs whose meat is sweet, juicy, and soft.

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