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How to Choose the Right Washing Machine for Your Needs

Choosing a washing machine from a large selection of options, including features, capacity, size, load type, etc., can be an overwhelming task. But knowing your precise requirements makes the task much easier. You might need to run several cycles to finish washing your laundry if you choose a smaller washing machine than you require. Additionally, if you go with a larger machine, you might waste electricity, detergent, and water each time a cycle is completed. So, how to buy washing machine that meets your needs?

Washing machine types

There are many types of washing machines, including the products of famous brands such as Samsung and LG washing machine, each of which is designed to meet certain expectations and needs. Here are the top three washing machine types known in the market.

  • Top-loading washers: The earliest and least efficient kind of washers are top-loading models. Their clothes may get wetter because they can’t hold as much weight and require more water. They cannot be stored on top and are smaller as well.
  • High-efficiency top-loaders: An advancement over conventional top-loaders, these models do not have an agitator. With less spin power, they can wash more clothes with less water and energy. They do, however, have longer cycles and require more intricate maintenance, so they might not be appropriate for extremely dirty clothing.
  • Front-load washers: These are the most widely used and effective kind. They have more washing programs, more spin power, and bigger loads. Additionally, they have better energy-efficiency outcomes and are more energy-efficient, prolonging the appliance’s lifespan.

Load Capacity

You need to know the kilograms’ washing capacity before selecting the best washing machine for your family. What does that mean? The term “load capacity” will always come up when comparing different models. It simply refers to the most clothes you can fit into one machine cycle. The washing machine’s weight and operating expenses increase with its load capacity. For this, you can choose the Samsung washing machine, that stands out with its loading capacities.

Keep in mind the rule of thumb when determining the proper method for measuring the washing machine’s load capacity. The weight of the dried clothes is always used to calculate the washing machine’s load capacity.

You can therefore fill the washing machine with up to 7 kg of dry laundry for cleaning if it has a 7 kg washing capacity. Weighing the average load of laundry you wash in a cycle is the most efficient method to choose the washing machine’s load capacity for your family. Thus, you can choose a 9kg washing machine for family laundry.

Washing programs and functions

The washing machine programs mostly refer to the wash and spin cycles. However, keep in mind to buy a washing machine with dryer set option that will ease your laundry process.

  • Wash cycles: Make sure the type you are considering buying has multiple wash cycle options dedicated to different types of clothes. For example:
  • Normal/Regular cycle: You can use this for regular laundry and wash cotton and linens. The features include warm water and fast agitation speed features. It removes dirt and grime.
  • Delicate/Gentle cycle: You can wash delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, and even lace. The washing process is held with cold water and slow agitation. It provides a shorter wash time and prevents damaging fragile items.
  • Heavy duty cycle: You can use this feature to wash work clothes, towels, and bedding. It uses hot water, has strong agitation, and has a longer wash time that thoroughly cleans the clothing.
  • Permanent press/Wrinkle control cycle: You can wash synthetic fabrics since it reduces wrinkling. The washing is held with warm water and slow agitation. It includes cooldown periods to minimize wrinkles.
  • Quick wash cycles: You can use this when you are rushing to wash something or use it for lightly soiled clothes. The cycle includes warm water and fast agitation. However, pay attention to the fabric requirements, in order to prevent damaging your clothes.

These cycles ease the laundry process while also preventing proper washing features for various types of fabrics. Thus, when looking for a washing machine, you can pay attention to the cycle programs and functions and make sure they align with your laundry needs.

In conclusion

Many types of washing machines provide various features that allow you to wash many clothes of various fabrics. All that you need to do, is choose the one with corresponding options. 

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