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It turns out that almost every country has the best fast food in the world

It turns out that almost every country has the best fast food in the world

The variety of fast food is increasingly diverse and easy to find. With chicken, burger and seafood variants, all available in a form that is very attractive to eat. Not infrequently fast food restaurants can also attract the attention of small children.

However, the nutritional content in fast food is also not very good for the body. Because the fat content of each food is more than the nutrients the body needs.

1. In-N-Out Burger.

This menu of burgers with French fries complete with tempting mayo sauce can be found in more than 50 outlets in the California area. Duh, can you imagine how moist this french fries sauce is?

2. Chic-Fil-A.

Based on chicken meat such as burgers and fries cut into unique shapes, this fast food can also be found in many locations in Europe.

3. Zippy’s.

This is a type of junk food that still provides options such as rice, mashed potatoes, and of course processed chicken. This food originates from the Hawaiian region which is usually dominated by beach areas with hot sun.

4. Steak ‘n Shake.

Maybe it’s a little different from other fast food, all the meat in this restaurant uses beef and no chicken. Interested?

5. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This is everyone’s favorite, KFC, which is available almost all over the world, including in Indonesia, is also a favorite among almost all people.

6. Dominos Pizza.

For some people, Dominos is just a pizza that is suitable as a snack because the portions are small and very minimal. Because the portions are not too filling, Dominos is in great demand.

7. Juicy Lucy.

The taste of a juicier burger with fruit-flavored sauce combined with soft meat and bread made this burger go viral from the start. Wow, this cheese is fun!

8. Burnt Ends.

Meat cooked with special spices and then served in a steak-like form is appetizing. Apart from being served with a platter of bread and french fries, it turns out that the meat tastes of barbecue seasoning and really tickles the tongue.

9. Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Have you ever tried oysters fried in flour, then served with various flavored sauces? In a food blogger review that is widely discussed, the oysters at Rocky can actually attract attention.

10. Runza’s.

Similar to sandwiches, what makes Runza different is that it started from a local restaurant which then went global and became known to many people. Wow, this is really cool, this restaurant from Nebraska and visit orbakers.com

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