Other factors that influence drunkenness

Other factors that influence drunkenness

Apart from the direct effects of alcohol on the body, several other factors outside of alcohol that influence the incidence of drunkenness are:


As we get older, our body’s ability to overcome the effects of alcohol decreases. Based on research, it is known that symptoms of drunkenness and alcohol withdrawal are less common in teenagers and young adults. Research on mice also shows that young mice experience less behavioral changes related to drunkenness compared to older mice.

Types of alcoholic beverages

Research states that alcoholic drinks that are darker in color are more likely to cause drunkenness compared to alcoholic drinks that are lighter in color or clear. This is related to substances resulting from the fermentation process called congeners. Dark colored drinks (such as red wine, bourbon, whiskey) have higher levels of congeners compared to gin and vodka. The higher the congeners level, the worse the hangover will be. Likewise if we consume several types of alcoholic drinks at once.


Hangover symptoms relate to how efficiently your body breaks down alcohol. Genes play an important role in enzymes that work to process acetaldehyde (a byproduct of alcohol that is toxic to the body).

How to Enjoy Wine

Grapes or wine are now increasingly popular in Indonesia. If in the past the presentation of wine seemed exclusive because it was only served in hotels or fine dining restaurants, now wine can be enjoyed in cafes, bars, malls and various types of restaurants.

1. Glass type

There are several types of glasses that can be used to drink wine. Generally, the glass used for drinking white wine is a long glass with a stem at the bottom. Just hold the stem without touching the body of the glass because this will affect the temperature of the wine you are going to drink.

Meanwhile, for red wine, use a type of convex glass that is smaller and wider. The type of glass used will affect the aroma of the wine produced

2. Rotate the glass

Before drinking wine, first swirl the glass slowly to release the distinctive aroma of the wine. However, remember, not all types of wine need to be rotated before drinking. For sparkling wine that uses a tall glass, there is no need to rotate it because there is foam inside

3. Inhale the aroma

To get the perfect taste, inhale deeply the aroma of the wine. The aroma of each type of wine will affect the quality of the wine you drink. If the alcoholic aroma is more dominant, then the quality of the wine has been reduced

4. Don’t swallow it directly

The way to drink wine is to sip slowly and don’t swallow it straight away. If you swallow it directly, you will only taste alcohol. It is not uncommon for novice drinkers to complain about the wine tasting bad. Enjoy the wine in your mouth for a few moments. Fill the entire mouth cavity to taste the taste sensation of the wine you drink

5. Wine taste

A good wine is one that has a balance of taste between sour, sweet, or slightly bitter. If only one is tasted, then it is certain that the quality of the wine has decreased milano wine club.

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