Side Business Ideas To Make Money

A side business is something you do to earn extra money when you’re not at your day job. According to an April 2023 Bankrate survey, about 40% of Americans have one, with 28% expecting it to be an ongoing financial necessity. And nearly 30% of those with a side hustle made more than $500 a month from their business. You can use the money you’ve made to pay off debt, invest, or splurge on a treat for yourself.

Financial benefits aside, pursuing a side business idea gives you a chance to build a new skill set. Entrepreneurs also enjoy the satisfaction of creating a business while forging a new career path that gives greater security amid layoffs.

Do you want to start a side business but aren’t sure about what you can make money from? Here are some side business ideas you can start today.

1. Start a photography business

Turn a passion for photography into a side business. Promote your photography services in your local area and earn hundreds of dollars or more per photoshoot. Alicia Ho of Precious Ones Photography turned her hobby into a gratifying business photographing families and children.

“The ability to get the creative juices flowing while creating heirloom artwork that will last a lifetime for families is such an incredible feeling,” she says.

2. Start a clothing line

The clothing industry is big business: Global consumers spent an estimated $821 billion on fashion ecommerce in 2023. Get a slice of that fast by using the print-on-demand model.

Platforms like Printful, Lulu Direct, and Printify allow you to upload your design onto t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and more.

The best part about this side business idea is you don’t need to invest tons of cash upfront. Whenever you receive an order through your online store, print-on-demand suppliers will print your design and ship it to the customer—no need to hold and manage inventory yourself for your clothing business.

3. Sell your skills

Selling your skills is a profitable business idea if you’re on a budget. Most skill-based businesses are free to start since you don’t need inventory. You can also do free marketing by asking if anyone in your network needs help.

Look at the skills you already have and research whether they’re in high demand—either as a service or as advice through a consulting business.

4. Become a virtual assistant

Do you have incredible organizational and management skills? Monetize them by becoming a virtual assistant. You’ll manage the administrative side of a business remotely, making it one of the best home business ideas to do on the side of a day job. At first, your virtual assistant work may require just a few hours per week.

5. Teach a language

The online language learning market is forecast to be worth $41.6 billion by 2030. If you speak multiple languages, monetize your skill by starting a side business that teaches other people how to do the same.

Create your own website and offer one-to-one virtual classes. Or, join an online language learning platform like Skooli, VIPKid, or Qkids. Tutors can earn up to $23 per hour teaching English on the side.

You could also host group classes in a free-to-book space, such as a community center, many of which are keen to make education accessible to locals.

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