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The drink with the highest alcohol content in the world, the effects are terrifying!

The drink with the highest alcohol content in the world, the effects are terrifying!

Alcoholic drinks are basically consumed to warm the body in cold weather. However, as time went by, people started consuming it as part of a passion or even a hobby, even though the weather outside was not cold. And the higher the alcohol content, the stronger the drink will be considered.

FYI, alcoholic drinks that are widely circulated usually ‘only’ have an alcohol content of 5-20% and of the many drinks, it turns out that some of them have the highest alcohol content in the world, like the following 8 drinks:

1. Absinthe – 45-72%

Absinthe is a drink made from the distillation of alcohol with anise leaves, wormwood and other herbs. Absinthe was originally produced as a medicine, but over time, this drink became popular in bars and cafes in the 1860s. There are many ways to serve this drink, one of which is by mixing absinthe, water (to dilute it), and burnt sugar.

2. Devil Springs Vodka – 80%

From the name alone you can guess that this drink has a very high alcohol content. Devil Springs Vodka is a type of vodka from New Jersey that is not recommended for drinking straight. For this reason, vodka is usually served by mixing it with ginger ale, cocktails, or diluting it first with water.

3. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka – 85%

Good ol Sailor Vodka is vodka produced through a 4-fold distillation process and using fresh water from Lake Vättern in Sweden. Unlike other drinks which are packaged in glass bottles, Good ol Sailor Vodka is packaged in PET (plastic) bottles to reduce the energy required to produce the packaging.

4. Sunset Rum – 85.5%

Sunset Rum is a white rum from St Vincent, Caribbean with a content of 85.5%. People are strictly prohibited from drinking it directly (neatly) because this drink can cause a severe burning sensation throughout the body. Drinks should be diluted with water or mixed with cocktails or fruit juice.

5. Balkan 176 Vodka – 88%

Balkan 176 Vodka at first glance looks like ordinary water because it has no color, no smell, and doesn’t even have a taste. But apparently, this Polish-made vodka is considered to be one of the strongest vodkas in the world, and the label even states up to 13 warnings before drinking it.

6. River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum – 90%

With an alcohol content of up to 90%, this rum from Grenada is made from fermented sugar cane and goes through a long distillation process to perfect its taste.

This rum can actually be drunk straight without mixing it, but it must be immediately followed by drinking water.

7. Everclear – 95%

Everclear is a fermented corn-based alcoholic beverage originating in the United States. With an alcohol content of up to 95%, this drink must be diluted before drinking. In fact, Everclear is considered illegal in several states in the United States and the page here.

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