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Typical Food of Belarus a Country That Loves Potatoes

Typical Food of Belarus a Country That Loves Potatoes

Typical Belarusian cuisine has a centuries-old history and is rich and interesting. The cuisine of this country has many similarities with several neighboring countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Influenced by Lithuanian and Latvian cuisine, food from Belarus still retains its characteristics.

Ingredients used for food include grains, potatoes, meat, vegetables and milk. All of these ingredients are considered the hallmark of the culinary delights. Potatoes are a much-loved ingredient in this country and therefore Belarus is the country with the highest potato consumption in the world. What is the food from Belarus? Come on, let’s take a look at the foods in the following list!


Zurek is a traditional soup from Poland which is characterized by a distinctive sour taste. This sour taste comes from sour yeast or fermented bread and rye flour. This soup also contains meat such as sausage, bacon or ham, as well as vegetables such as potatoes and mushrooms.

Although this soup is very famous throughout Poland, each region has its own version of the dish, including Belarus. Sometimes this soup is served in an edible bowl made from bread and topped with a piece of boiled egg as garnish. Generally zurek is made and consumed at Easter.

A popular version of zurek soup is called barzcz bialy. This soup is made using wheat flour instead of rye flour. The name zur comes from the German word sur, or sauer, which means sour. This refers to the distinctive taste of this famous soup.


Draniki is the most popular dish in Belarus. This culinary dish is a potato pancake which has an oily texture because it is fried. Traditional draniki are made from potatoes, onions, salt and oil.

Draniki became popular in Belarus since the early 19th century and are often served as a delicious and nutritious breakfast menu. This dish is popularly served with fresh sour cream.


Another popular potato dish from Belarus is Babka website. Babka is a dish similar to potato pie which of course is made from potatoes. Apart from potatoes, the ingredients for making babka are eggs, onions, bacon and sausage.

Babka is cooked by baking in an earthenware pot and is often served with sour cream sauce and pork flitch. There are two types of Babka textures, namely dry potato pie and moist and heavy potato pudding.


Blini or Blinis is a dish that originates from Russia, but is very famous in Belarus. This is not surprising considering that Belarus was once part of the Soviet Union so its cuisine is not much different from Russia.

Blini is a type of pancake dish that was originally made from wheat flour. Nowadays many Blini are made from buckwheat flour and served with sour cream, quark, butter, caviar and other garnishes.

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