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Unique Birthday Concept Ideas for Sweet Seventeen

Unique Birthday Concept Ideas for Sweet Seventeen

When entering their 17th birthday, most people don’t want their birthday party to be monotonous and boring. To make your Sweet Seventeen party memorable, you can think about the type of event that can show off your personality.

You can do it at home or rent a place, it all depends on your decision. There are many event concepts that you can do, as reported by shutterfly and momjunction (15/8) here are 6 unique birthday concept ideas for sweet 17 and according to clownsandgowns.

Spa Birthday Party

Set a relaxing atmosphere with candles and calming decorations such as green plants as if you have just stepped into a classy spa. If you want to add decoration you can add balloons and ribbons, do everything in white. You can welcome guests with freshly steamed towels. Hire an esthetician to come in and perform spa services for guests such as hand massages.

Everything 17 Party

This idea is very simple and interesting for a 17th birthday party. You can decorate the party area with the number 17 or use 17 different items from each item. For example, you use 17 balloons, 17 gifts, invite 17 guests and bake 17 cupcakes.

Arcade Party

Set up a projector and large screen in the yard if you have space and weather permits. Place a tarpaulin on the grass and prepare a large blanket for a place to play games complete with pillows and chairs. You can prepare sweet treats in the form of cakes shaped like joysticks and cakes decorated like game consoles and controllers.

Dance Party

If you are a person who likes dancing, then a dance party is the best treat. Set up a dance floor in the living room. You can hire a DJ or dance instructor so that all the guests can sway to the rhythm of the music. If you want something more practical, you can make a playlist on your laptop and your guests will dance freely.

Paintball Party

You can do this theme at home without having to go to the paintball park. The colors that are characteristic of this party are bright colors that splatter as if they look like broken paint balls. Prepare paintball-appropriate candy such as cake pops in various colors to look like a paintball and also rainbow-colored cake pops for paintball cake decorations.

Amusement parks

You can go to your favorite amusement park and enjoy a day of thrills, carnival-style food and games with friends. Amusement parks will always be fun and don’t require much effort. Are you interested in roller-coasters or playing in water parks? Amusement parks will guarantee a fun time to welcome your sweet 17.

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